C W Welding, LLC
1154 RR Rd, Sublette, KS 67877   Phone: 620-668-5448


C W Welding, LLC has produced several signature products.  One of these is the EZ Oil Vac. EZ Oil Vac's oil reclaimer makes oil changes simple and mess-free.  Using the quick coupler drain plugs that we offer you can, in one easy step, evacuate the oil directly from your truck or farm equipment engines without the mess experienced when first letting it flow into a pan and then dumping it into a larger container.  Once the EZ Vac is full, it can quickly be unloaded into a larger storage tank.  All without the mess usually experienced with handling waste oil.  The unit is fully air operated.  NO pumps.  Three main units have been produced.  The shop unit, compact mobile unit, and a small trailer.  For more information about the EZ Oil Vac, check out our website at www.ezoilvac.com

Another popular product is the newly designed sprinkler wheel.  These rigid construction sprinkler wheels save you time and money.  They are made of metal which means no flat tires.  Their special flotation design makes them work well well, especially in mud, keeping them from getting stuck easily.  The price is comparable to that of the conventional sprinkler tire and this wheel lasts much longer. Many local farmers are already using them.  Wheels can also be galvanized for an additional cost.

C W Welding, LLC also produces a live bottom trailer.  The M-Series Quick Dump Trailer features a chain unload system and is ideal for hauling manure, silage, and hay.  The end gate is hydraulic operated.  The trailer also features a heavy duty floor, sturdy side walls with custom bend corrugations to give the support needed to prevent "bulging", heavy duty chain ( as opposed to the light duty chain used by many trailer manufacturers), and steel hydraulic lines fastened to the frame. The trailer length can be built to suit your needs. (32 ft. standard).  Other options include fenders, side-board extensions, and a splitter valve for the hydraulic gate/chain drive operation.


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